Like just about everyone in the UK, Cotswold Edge Studios has been impacted by the war in Ukraine.
Not only are we naturally outraged by the unprovoked aggression of Russia towards the peace-loving democratic people of Ukraine, but we're now also experiencing first-hand the economic and political fallout from this needless war. The natural reaction for us has been to help where we can, so we were pleased to be amongst the first to register as part of the UK's Home For Ukrainians scheme.
In May 2022, we welcomed Natalia, Maksym, and Mariia into our home - they are refugees from just south of Kyiv. For us, this experience has been a journey of cultural and emotional enlightenment as we deal, day-to-day, with the impact and consequences of war on real people. Natalia, Maksym, and Mariia are very much a part of what we do here at CES, they and other local Ukrainian families are completely integrated into the social life of our village.
We support them in raising awareness of the impacts of war in every way possible and look forward to the time when they will, again, be reunited with their family.
How you can help the cause
There are many ways for you to get involved and help the people of Ukraine, even if you don't have the capacity to house a family yourselves:
- The Homes for Ukraine scheme exists for those who can offer a home to people fleeing Ukraine.
- You can donate to the British Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. BRC are providing life-saving humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.
- You can also donate to the World Central Kitchen, who are providing hot meals and grocery kits for Ukrainian refugees, families, individuals, and those trapped on the front lines.
- If you want to volunteer and help refugees from all walks of life, you can check out volunteering opportunities with the Refugee Council.
- You can become a part of the local Wychavon Ukrainian Network Support Facebook Group, which provides services such as advertising English Language lessons, social events for hosts and refugees, potential properties for rent, and provides a general support network for members.

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