Matthew Rea: Photographer
Matthew has been a photographer since the age of 12. His preferred subjects are landscapes, city/urban-scapes, portraiture, and documentary. He loves the work of Cartier-Bresson and always strives to capture that "decisive moment"​​​​​​​
A full catalogue of Matthew's work can be found at
Bridget Steel-Jessop: Textiles
Bridget learnt to sew as a child absorbing her mother’s love of fabric and thread. This love has remained with her and life now has afforded the opportunity to bring into being these beautiful textile art works
She is a resident artist at Cotswold Edge Studios and a member of The Gallery At The Guild in Chipping Camden where her work is exhibited and for sale. She is also a member of the Embroiderers' Guild and the Society for Embroidered Work
A full catalogue of Bridget's work can be found at