Privacy often seems like a complicated issue - but we have a fairly simple view which is based on the broad principles of GDPR.
What information we hold about you
We only retain the barest minimum of information about you in order to do business with you. This will be your name, address, phone number, and email details. We keep these safe and never share them with any third party without your consent.
The nature of our business means we do not need to capture any sensitive personal information or any payment information.
What do we do with your information
We only use it to communicate with you about project work. This includes communicating with you before formally commencing a project.
We are a business and we survive by reminding customers that we still exist and checking whether they need any work doing. We do this by email and will, with your consent, add you to our mailing list. This means, at most, you will get an email from us four times per year.
We never share or sell your contact details.
How can you be sure we manage this data properly?
You have rights under GDPR and we respect those rights 100%.
At any time you can contact us to ask what information we hold about you and we will respond with 28 days.
At any time you can ask us to amend any information we hold about you and we will respond within 28 days.
At any time you have the “right to be forgotten” - so you can contact us and ask us to remove your data from our systems. When we do this we have to legally retain anything related to billing and payments that has taken place between us - but we can delete everything else. We will respond within 28 days and that response will be the last email you receive from us.
If, at any time in the future, we decide to use your data for some additional purpose we will contact you to get your consent. If you do not respond to our contact in this matter we will always treat that as you withholding consent.
What if there is an issue with your personal data?
Matthew Rea ( is our Data Privacy Officer. If you believe that your data privacy has been breached by Cotswold Edge Studios then you should report this immediately to him.
Likewise, if we discover that any data breach has occurred you will receive an email from Matthew Rea informing you of this and stating clearly what steps will be taken to rectify the issue.
All data breaches have to be responded to within one month under GDPR rules. If any such data breach is deemed to be significant then Matthew Rea will notify the UK Data Commissioner.
Image privacy
If you ask us to capture your image (moving or still) as part of the work we do for you then it is deemed that you have given consent for us to do so by agreeing to our quote. If this extends to the images (moving or still) of your co-workers or customers - then we ask that you have also sought the same approval, we will separately ask you to confirm this as part of the project engagement process.
If you ask us to work with models to capture images (moving or still) for your project, then we will secure model release forms as a means of consent that the images can be used.
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