How To Find Us - Instructions
Using SatNav
If you use SatNav then put in our postcode which is WR11 8RN but stop following navigation guidance once you are on Bennetts Hill – otherwise it is likely your device will direct you to the middle of a field! Once on Bennetts Hill we are the first gate on the left right opposite the first 40mph sign. If you pass Bennetts Hill Business Park then you have gone too far.
Using Google Maps
If you use Google Maps you will see that Costwold Edge Studios is precisely identified on the map and our gate is easy to spot.
Using “What Three Words”
If you use “what three words” then simply follow directions to tapes.obstruct.slug – this is our entrance gate.
Using the old-fashioned method of road numbers and road names
We are technically situated in South Littleton (according to the Post Office) but in reality we are much closer to Offenham. Offenham is just on the outskirts of Evesham and can be reached off the A46 Evesham Bypass by following road signage to “Offenham”. This will direct you onto the B4035 at the Badsey Roundabout (taking the turn away/opposite from Badsey) and then onto the B4510 at the roundabout on Elm Road.
Once on the B4510 it is best to ignore signs for Offenham and just carry on along this road past the Cavendish Care Home (on the left), over the small roadabout where the new housing development is,  over the bridge that crosses the A46 Bypass, and past all the greenhouses for about 2 miles or 3 kilometers. The you will come to some open agricultural land and Bannisters distribution centre (a lot of white Bannisters branded lorries parked up) on the left. At this point the B4510 makes a small bend to the left and there is a right turn signposted to “The Littletons” – this right turn is Bennetts Hill and this is where you need to turn. Be careful at this turn because the slight bend in the B4510 makes it very difficult to see oncoming traffic (and there have been some accidents here). If you end up passing a pub called the Fish & Anchor then you have missed Bennetts Hill and gone too far along the B4510.
Once you are on Bennetts Hill we are easy to find. We are the first gate on the left – about 60 meters from the junction. Our gate is a little a little hidden but it is immediately opposite the first 40 mph sign and before you reach the cottages on the right. If you get as far as Bennetts Hill Business Park then you gone too far along Bennetts Hill.
Now for those who know the area well and might approach Offenham or South Littleton from another direction bear in mind that Bennetts Hill changes its name and becomes Long Hyde Lane right near the crest of the hill. So if you are familiar with Blackminster or South Littleton and are approaching from the west it is easy to reach us by turning into Long Hyde Lane which then becomes Bennetts Hill. If you follow this route then we are the last gate on the right just 60 meters from the end of the road opposite the very last 40mph sign.
Parking - Instructions
Parking once you get here:
We have ample parking but this only works if everyone parks sensibly. Immediately beyond our gate, to the right, is a parking area that can hold about 8-10 cars in double parked rows. Carrying on past this parking area you can follow our gravel drive and turn to the left (after the tree and before the barns) – this leads to another parking are that will hold 6 more cars. Failing that there is space in front of the barns for 3 or 4 cars.
Disabled parking:
The first space (nearest our house) in the car park immediately after the gate is reserved for anyone with mobility issues. Parking here ensures that you have a smooth and level path to all our facilities. If this is space is already taken the please park right in front of the barns as this area is very close to our studios and meeting rooms.